Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Are You Watching, Lady GaGa?

Glee is a very popular television program that I find both super hilarious and intensely annoying.  The writing is sharp, the acting is fine, Sue Sylvester is, as Suzanne says, one of the funniest characters in TV...but the musical numbers grate on my nerves something fierce.

That said, I happened to be watching a few minutes tonight with her at home when they started talking about resurrecting songs from the 70s and I sat up straight.  I thought they were about to trump me.

See, I watched the first episode or two before abandoning the American Idol-esque lip-synching horror, but at some point I realized that I had a song they absolutely HAD to do. 

It's not my song, but one I feel would be a perfect fit for the show.  I couldn't watch them Glee-ify it of course, but a turn in Prime Time would thrust a deserving Little River Band back into the popular spotlight.  After which I could smugly sit back and say, 'I told you so'.

So producers of Glee, when you're ready, a favourite song of Frank Sinatra, John Lennon and me...Reminiscing.



  1. Oh, you and the LRB! You are persistent - I'll give you that!

  2. Damn, what a treat! Thanks, Jess.

  3. It's like The Secret, Pamela, or the law of attraction or whatever that thing is...if I keep saying it, it will come true!