Me, but shopped.
I remember really enjoying Writer's Craft in High School.  I don't remember paying that much attention to the actual craft of it all, but I certainly liked trying to come up with a twist ending for every short story. 

Unfortunately, that penchant for le corn wasn't beaten out of me in Creative Writing at University.  In fact, some rotten teacher actually praised one of the bigger twists when I read it aloud to a crowd of fellow writers.  Those few short words probably got me through the last blog I wrote.

But in the two years since the demise of The Wasp, I've had a couple of children, a 35th birthday, the headaches of home ownership and at least 7 seasons of football with The Blackbirds.  So these are the sorts of thing you can expect to read about herein.  Aren't you excited!? At least I don't have a dog.  

But I do have a wife, her name is Suzanne.  She's unbelievably awesome.  So is my girl, The Pearl, and my boy, The Prince.

I heard some really good advice not long ago:  don't be proud of the things you don't like.  So while you might hear me go on about some things that really piss me off, I won't be proud of myself.   

Also be prepared for a huge dollop of the saccharine.  Because while I might spend half my time railing against the idiocy of the world or some of its inhabitants, the other half of my time is spent crying over just about anything vaguely sentimental. 

I promise to keep writing.  You're not obligated to read, by any means, but I appreciate it.  Comments are good too.